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The Constitutional Amendment nº. 20/98, the so-called Social Security Plan Reform, that introduced changes in the specific regimes of the civil servant pension plan programs, including the possibility to create Capitalized Funds to cover these regimes.

The Rio de Janeiro State Government, aware of its duty to provide payment for social security benefits, owed to its civil service employees and their dependents, without compromising funding of its core duties (providing services and infrastructure to the population in general), implemented the measures necessary for organization, and operation of the new capitalized regime to fund its own State Employee Social Security Benefit Program.


Through enactment of Law nº. 3189, of February 22, 1999, the Rio de Janeiro State Single Social Security Fund - RIOPREVIDÊNCIA, an independent self-governing public entity, for the purpose of managing fund´s financial assets, in order to provide funding for payment of stipends, pensions and other social security benefits.

Following the legal requirements set forth in the Constitutional Amendment nº. 41 of December 19, 2003, Law nº. 5109, of October 15, 2007 determined the end of the Rio de Janeiro State Social Security Institute - IPERJ, transferring to RIOPREVIDÊNCIA the authority to authorize, Manage and pay the social security benefits defined in state law, which deals with the social security regime of Rio de Janeiro State civil servants and their dependents. On December 11, 2007, Law nº. 5154 changed Attachments II and III of Law nº. 5109, of October 15, 2007. 



To provide excellent services to our clientele (active and inactive civil servants, pensioners and dependents), with efficient service, credibility, respect and social responsibility, with transparent and effective asset management, to meet current and future social security benefits and contribute to a state fiscal management.



To be the best Specific Social Security Regime manager in Brazil, with proven excellence, with the following directives:
1) Satisfaction in rendering services to its clientele;
2) Good asset and liability management practices; 


Executive Board 


Sergio Aureliano Machado da Silva
Director - President
Born in Rio de Janeiro on 02/18/1953.
Academic Education

• Graduations: Actuarial Sciences, Economic Sciences and Data Processing.
• Post-Graduation: Actuarial Sciences
Professional Activities
• Former President of the Brazilian Institute of Actuaries– IBA – with two terms, in the periods of 1992 to 1994 and from 2002 to 2004;
• Member of the Brazilian Institute of Actuaries – IBA;
• Member of the Nacional Council of Directors of the Own Social Security Regime – CONAPREV
• Member of the International Institute of Actuaries – IAA;
• Member of the Ethics Comittee of the Brazilian Institute of Actuaries - IAA
• Member of the Fiscal Council of the Brazilian Institute of Actuaries – IBA;
• Former member of the Nacional Council of Social Security – CNPS;
• Consultant of the World Bank in the Project of the Reform of the EC 20/98 of Brazil´s Social Security, in the period of 1997 to 2001;
• Former Consultant to the United Nations Development Program – PNUD;
• Former consultant of Social Security of the National Confederation of Municipalities – CNM;
• Former Actuary of 380 (three hundred and eighty) Own Social Security Regimes (RPPS) of municipalities of Brazil;
• Former consultant of the Public Pension Reform Support Program of the States of the Ministry of Social Security and Social Assistance – MPAS;
• Former consultant of Social Security of the State of Paraná;
• Former consultant of Pension Funds of Various Private Pension Funds.
• Professor of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Brasilia) from 2001 to 2003;
• President of the Electricity Company of the State of Rio de Janeiro – CERJ – from 1992 to 1995;
• Former Consultant of Actuary at I2S Insurance Software Solutions – Portugal.  


Debora Fernandes de Souza Melo
Legal Director
• Born in Rio de Janeiro on 10/31/1982
• Effective Server at the Attorney General´s Office – State Attorney of Rio de Janeiro
Academic Graduation
• Graduation: Bachelor in Law by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ)
• Post-graduation in Civil Law, Business and Civil Lawsuit, from Veiga de Almeida University
• Post-graduation in Procedural Law: Major Transformations, by the University of Southern Santa Catarina.
Professional Activities
• State Attorney at the Attorney Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro (PGE/RJ) since 2011
• State Attorney at the Attorney Office of Espírito Santo from 2009 to 2011

Aloisio Villeth Lemos
Director of Investments
• Born in Rio de Janeiro on 24/10/1961.
Academic Education
• Master in Business Economics - University Cândido Mendes
• Post-Graduate in Economic Engineering and Industrial Organization - UERJ
• Bachelor in Accounting Science - University Santa Úrsula
Professional Activities
• Certification CNPI – National Certification of an Investment Professional
• Acted in financial market institutions, such as Àgora Broker (Bradesco Group); Lopes Filho and Associates, Investment Advisers; LFRating and others.
• Finance Professor in postgraduate courses and MBA in institutions such as Ibmec, Veiga de Almeida University, Apimec, Anbima, and others.
• Associate and former technical director of Apimec-Rio (Association of Analyst and Investment Professionals of the Capital Markets, regional of Rio de Janeiro).


Elaine Costa da Assunção de Mello
Administrative and Financial Director
Born in the municipality of Macaé on 29/12/1980.
Academic Education
• Postgraduate in Social Security Accounting. Unyleya College, 2018.
• Graduate in Law. CNEC, 2014.
• Graduate in Languages – Portuguese/Inglish. FAFIMA, 2005.
• Technical Course in Accountancy. Colégio Municipal Profª. América Abdalla, 1998.
Professional Activities
• Lawyer
• Server of the Treasury Department of the Municipality of Rio das Ostras for 3 years, acting as an accountant in the área of budgetary and financial execution.
• Acted as Accounting Advisor in the Regime of Rio das Ostras for 16 years.
• Speaker in the area of RPPS Management.
• Former accounting consultant in the RPPS area.